Bella Luna's Adventures in Italian

I’m delighted to announce a new chapter in the Luna series that I hold close to my heart. “Lycan Legacy - Il Paladino,” the sixth book in the series, has now been released in Italian! It has been an incredible journey to bring this edition to life. Collaborating with a talented new translator, we...

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Claim Your Complimentary Italian Luna Short Story Today!

Hello Lunatics, The past week has been a whirlwind of activity, just the way we thrive on it. Our fourth grandchild has been keeping us on our toes, reminding us why the toddler years are fondly referred to as the "terrible twos." She firmly believes that the floor is the rightful place for all...

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Memorial Day Sale! Get Lycan Legacy – Paladin Free!

Hello, Lunatics, Happy Memorial Day! While wracking my brain for a theme for this week’s newsletter, an ad popped up in my feed reminding me that this is Memorial Day weekend. For many, this is the weekend of the first barbeque of summer. For others, it’s the weekend to jump on sales. For a few of...

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