Luna and the Dreaded DMARC Daemon Deadline

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Lycan Legacy, Writing Life

This week, I found myself ensnared in a quest not unlike those faced by Luna and her pack. A new mandate for email verification, started on 1 February 2024, demanded my attention.  

This month marks a pivotal moment, as the dominions of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, and others unite under a grand coalition. They decree that all messengers within their realm must secure the approval of the DMARC Daemon for their sigils. Though the task may seem daunting, it heralds a future where our messages flow freely, untainted by the malevolent specters of phishing and deceit.

This new decree compelled me to dedicate countless hours to ensure our weekly correspondences safely navigate to your inboxes, steering clear of the dreaded recesses of Junk Mail folders.

Navigating this process, I was struck by the parallels between the arcane arts of magical spells and the realms of computer knowledge. Both domains are governed by ancient tomes brimming with perplexing formulae, demanding unwavering precision in their invocation. The consequences of a misstep, as anyone who has inadvertently banished an entire directory to the void can attest, are dire indeed.

Envision our heroine, Luna, alongside her loyal pack, confronting the formidable DMARC Daemon at the digital forest’s edge. This guardian, composed of intricate codes and arcane spells, serves a noble purpose: to ensure passage only for those messages adorned with the correct magical sigils of authentication. This daemon seeks no treasure but insists on a pledge of authenticity from all who wish to traverse the vast networks of the digital realm.

Behind the Scenes with the Author:

Embarking on this quest requires preparation akin to that of Luna and her allies. Aligning our domains with the DMARC Daemon is akin to mastering a new spell—daunting initially, yet a formidable tool once harnessed. Here’s the essence of our incantation:

  1. Prowling the Domain’s Depths: Venture into the domain settings, the sanctum of our digital essence.
  2. Conjuring the Records: With a mere click (akin to a mage’s gesture), summon the SPF and DKIM records—sigils affirming our identity.
  3. The Ritual of Alignment: Bind these records with the DMARC policy through a ritual, ensuring our messages are welcomed as allies by the DMARC Daemon.

Fear not the intricacies of these spells. Just as Luna relies on her pack, so too can you count on digital sages and wizards for guidance in this endeavor. I attempted to seek guidance on the internet but encountered outrageous fees charged by those who possess the secrets to eluding the DMARC Daemon’s clutches. Unfortunately, I have none of Luna’s magical currency. A New Moon coin would have come in handy for this ritual.

However, in my younger days, I was a Sysadmin with a company that can’t be named. Channeling my younger self, along with perseverance and the patient tutelage of my hosting service’s Chatbot, I could complete the spell. If the spell was crafted well, my messages should arrive safely in my subscribers inbox. If not, the system will either redirect it to a Junk Mail folder or it will dissipate into the wind.

As we navigate these changes, let’s take a moment to honor the guardians of our digital realm. Though their challenges may be formidable, they stand as vigilant protectors of our communications.

Until our next adventure, maintain your vigilance and safeguard your passwords.

With gratitude and fervent hope that my message finds its way to the inboxes of my subscribers unimpeded,


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