Teaser for Next Book and 2021 Reflections

Hello Lunatics, I’m deep into the next Lycan Legacy book, writing as fast as I can to meet my editor’s deadline. Projected publication is for mid-February. Below is a teaser from the chapter four. The next afternoon, we gathered in my office again to hold a brainstorming session to attack the...

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Exciting Excerpt and a New Promo

Hello Lunatics, There's a balance to writing fight scenes. I used to write overly technical fights, with blow-by-blow descriptions of every move.   The problem was that my fight scenes read more like a technical manual than a fight. I discarded using terms that might be unfamiliar to my readers...

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Battling for Better Blurbs and a New Promo

Hello Lunatics, Sometimes, writing the book is the straightforward part. Advertising? Covers? Book descriptions? Getting to minimal competence in each of those areas is required to become a successful author. Not just as an indie author, authors for the big publishing houses must cultivate the...

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