Why Do Writers Always Beg For Reviews?

by | Sep 5, 2021 | Lycan Legacy

Hello Lunatics,

First, I would like to send out a big “Thank You,” to all the fans who grabbed the latest adventure of Luna upon release and provided a review. If it wasn't for you fans, I would have stopped writing her stories a long time ago.

Let's talk about reviews. I know it's a pain to finish a book and be instantly bombarded with multiple requests for reviews. Even when the author provides a handy link that leads directly to the review page. You know, kinda like the one at the bottom of this message (hint, hint).

According to authors much more successful than me, reviews aren't a big deal and don't affect sales. They say reviews don't “move the needle” on sales.

I don't know. My sales are low enough that I can't do a thorough analysis of reviews versus sales. All I know is that the first book in the Luna series didn't have any sales until it had reviews.

How did I get the reviews that led to increased sales? By giving book one (Lycan Legacy – Prey)  away to people like you; people who took a chance on an unknown author with a wild idea about a runaway bride werewolf with a snarky attitude, a sensitive side, and a minor talent for magic.

Luna fans certainly moved the needle for me. Your encouragement keeps pushing me to write more and more. Because of people like you, I have pushed other writing projects back to keep documenting the adventures of Luna White.

Thanks to each and every one of you. More Luna stories are on the way.

In the next book, we'll find out just what Luna does to train up to fight the toughest werewolf in the world, the old friends she meets along the way, and the knock-down, drag-out fight that takes place during the next solar eclipse..

In preparation for that book, why don't you grab a copy of the current release?

Here is the purchase link:

Lycan Legacy – Penumbra

Once again, a great big Thank You! to all Luna fans.


PS – This is the part where I humbly beseech you to leave a review for Lycan Legacy – Penumbra on Amazon. Social proof is incredibly important to a new author. Please take a few minutes to leave a review. Here’s the direct link to Amazon to leave a review.

Lycan Legacy – Penumbra Review

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