What the Hell Does WIBBOW Mean?

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Lycan Legacy

Hello Lunatics,

Hope your holidays were cheerful and bright. Now that we are counting down the hours until the New Year, everyone I know is busy settings goals for 2021.

Unfortunately, some of us are still working on 2020 goals.

I had the luxury of almost a week off in December.

I started the week cheerful and bright, determined to wrap up the last chapter in the current Luna book.

I just needed to take care of one little thing.

Have you ever heard of Facebook? One of my 2020 goals was to set up a Facebook fan page for myself.

I should be able to knock that out in a few minutes, right?

OK, Facebook wanted my phone number. Oops, my number was in use for my private FB account. I don’t want to mix public and private personas.

No problem. Facebook gurus said to get a VA to set up an author page under their name. I don’t have a full time VA. Maybe after I hit the NYT bestseller list (one of my goals for 2021).

Don’t laugh, a girl can dream, can’t she?

I asked my friend Laura to assist. She set up a new Facebook account, verified through her telephone number, and set up 2 Factor Authentication.

She then added the Ad Manager, connected her credit card, and created one ad for book one.

Facebook slammed her and requested verification. No problem; one passport scan was quickly submitted.

We waited patiently for Facebook to unlock the ad account.

And waited, and waited, and waited.

Okay, follow the prompts to request a review. Surely anyone could see our account was for a real human being, and that the ad wasn’t for some scam.

Nope. Her ad account was permanently blocked. So much for verification.

We spent several days sending entreaties to Facebook, trying in vain to get a human being to read our request.

It seems that human beings are in short supply at Facebook. We only received bot responses.

The bots were not kind to us.

Poor Laura now wears the Scarlet Letter F, excluding her forever from Facebook heaven.

She can’t even manage any other ad accounts. That ended her budding Facebook ad guru career. Sorry, Laura.

My author page is there on Facebook:

Veronica Singer Author

There are only a couple of entries, but we can’t run any ads or boost any posts. Is it really worth the pain to keep the page going?

Which brings us to the title of this piece. What the hell does WIBBOW mean?

WIBBOW is an acronym that authors use when confronted with too many options. It stands for “Would I Be Better Off Writing?”

Here, I would have been much better off writing than battling bots on Facebook.

If any of my fans are Facebook experts or could help us find a way to contact a human being so we can resolve this blockage, I would be eternally grateful. I can offer a free copy of my next book for anyone that can help. Send me a message at:


If you want to catch up on Luna's adventures before the next boxset is released in 2021, here’s an Amazon link to the first three books, bundled for your convenience:

Lycan Legacy – The First Three Books

Thanks to all you Luna fans. I promise I’ll dedicate 2021 to publishing more amazing adventures of Luna and her pack. More writing, less Facebook!

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