Lone Wolf Seeks Romance in Tokyo

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Lycan Legacy, Products

Hello guys! I am so proud to tell you that my first book, Lycan Legacy – Prey, is in progress and will soon be available on Amazon. I'm actually on cloud 9 right now as publishing a book has always been a part of my bucket list. This will not be my last book as I still have a few more stories up on my sleeve which will be published next year, so stay tuned for exciting prizes and giveaways!!!

Below is my blurb for the book. Blurb writing is a different skill than writing a story. You want to tease, but not reveal too much. Let me know what you think of the blurb.


“Prey,” whispered my inner self. There was a certain beauty, a certain simplicity, to her animal mindset. She was quick to label anyone or anything; we met as “Pack,” “Predator,” or “Prey.” Her instincts were comforting in a way, but occasionally confusing for my human brain.

Luna White is outspoken, sassy, and a bit of a bitch; although she works hard to keep her inner bitch in check. Her human half is sometimes at odds with her inner wolf. But one thing they agree on; magicians are nothing but trouble.

Mason Carter is a smartass magician who tosses jibes quicker than he can cast spells. He was minding his own business, working at a supernatural friendly bar in Tokyo when Luna walked into his life. Against his better judgment, which warns him away from shapeshifter entanglements, he introduces himself and offers to show her around the supernatural areas of Tokyo. Who knows what kind of damage a female werewolf could cause?

Raymond Steele is the alpha of Luna's pack, the pack she had run away from when she learned that Raymond had plans to make her his mate. Normally, female weres would be eager to mate with Raymond; everyone's ideal of a burly alpha. But Raymond had plans, plans beyond finding a mate, plans to expand his power into the mundane world using Luna.

Luna ran. Ran from her pack, the only home she knew, to escape Raymond's lust. But Raymond won’t let an ocean keep him away from Luna. She has now become his prey.

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