Tacchino Alla Cacciatora? Werewolves Eat the Strangest Dishes

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Lycan Legacy

Hello Lunatics,

Time seems to be flying by, much like in Luna's adventures in the Fae world. We've barely finished our Halloween candy, and yet Thanksgiving is already upon us! Could it be that the magical time-warp from Luna's books is spilling into our reality? What are your thoughts?

This year, we're joining our extended family for Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully, I'm spared the turkey duties as we're not hosting. Instead, I've been tasked with preparing my authentic Italian Lasagna, both traditional and vegetarian. Lasagna for Thanksgiving might seem unconventional – the Pilgrims certainly didn't encounter Giuseppe at Plymouth Rock – but it's one of my specialties and always a hit, with no leftovers in sight.

Remember last year's tacchino alla cacciatora? My family certainly does. Surprisingly, there were quite a few leftovers. Fusion cuisine can sometimes be a tough sell to my family.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the moment we all share what we're thankful for. At the top of my list is my healthy and happy family. A very close second is you, my faithful fans, who embrace my wild werewolf tales with such enthusiasm and humor.

And to think it all started with a story about a runaway werewolf bride wandering through Tokyo.

I'm incredibly grateful for your support and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Warm regards,


Promo Spotlight

This week’s promo features a great story by one of my favorite PNR authors, Lexie K. Stone. The title is “Vampire’s Fated Mate.” The subtitle is “An Enemies to Lovers Paranormal Romance”

Enemies to Lovers is a difficult theme to handle. It takes a balancing act to keep suspense going. Lexie also uses the alternating chapter technique, where each chapter is from the viewpoint of each of the protagonists. That’s a writing technique I enjoy reading, as it allows for greater depth of characterization. I chose to use a single POV for my Luna books, because while I enjoy reading this style, I have a hard time writing in this style. Kudos to Lexie for adroitly handling the transitions.

I also love the fact that the story starts right in the middle of the action. In this case, a cry for help from the trees surrounding an old trail. The first hint of the supernatural is when Camille, the protagonist, grabs a silver whip and a revolver when responding to the cry for help.

From there, the action gets better and better.

Take a look at this offering, I highly recommend it.

You can follow Lexie’s upcoming releases on her Amazon Author Page:

Lexie K. Stone

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