Lycan Legacy – Predator Finished!

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Lycan Legacy

Great news! After several delays, I have wrapped up the second book in the Lycan Legacy series. Lycan Legacy – Predator is now in my editor's hands. This book came in at just over 73,000 words. I think if you've enjoyed the excerpts I've published, you'll love the actual books.

Let's see; the cover's ready, the second book's done, what else needs to be done? Set a release date, of course. I'm looking at a May 15th release date. That will be both the first and second books in the series, to be followed soon after by the third book.

Naturally, the third book in the series is in progress. Well, not a lot of progress, since I've only completed one chapter and an outline. That book is scheduled to be done by 10 June, 2018.

I'll tell you a secret, I always write the last chapter first. I don't know how other authors do it, but I like to have a good ending in place, then see how my characters get to that ending.

I'll be posting an excerpt for the third book soon, so sign up for my newsletter and keep visiting the site to catch up!

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