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by | Feb 23, 2021 | Lycan Legacy

Hello Lunatics,

Did you ever hear the story that if you looked underneath the graceful swan as she glides effortlessly across the lake, you would see the poor bird paddling frantically to keep moving?

Being an indie author is a lot like being a swan. A lot of effort behind the scenes, only to show scant progress across the lake of self-publishing.

This month, for example, I’ve been setting up ads to promo Lycan Legacy – Paladin when it comes out on 15 March. It takes a lot of underwater effort to glide this book across the water and out to you, the reader.

Wow! That sentence really strained the metaphor. My editor would have cut that. As a website reader, you get the unfiltered version of Veronica.

The other news, and the result of a lot of background effort, is that the audiobook version of the third book in the series, Lycan Legacy – Pack, is now available on ACX for your listening pleasure. Below are links to all the audiobooks in the series released so far.

If you’re an audiobook enthusiast, you’re going to love these. Here are the links:

Lycan Legacy – Prey Audiobook

Lycan Legacy – Predator Audiobook

Lycan Legacy – Pack Audiobook

PS – This is the part where I humbly beseech you to leave a review for my book on Amazon. Social proof is incredibly important to a new author. Please take a few minutes to leave a review. Here’s the direct link to Amazon to leave a review.

Lycan Legacy – Prey Review

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