Is the World Ready for Luna?

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Lycan Legacy

Hello Lunatics,

Is Luna ready for the world?

In Lycan Legacy – Paladin, Luna travels to Saudi Arabia, a far cry from her known haunts. In previous books, she visited Tokyo, Japan, then Alaska (well, a prison in Alaska), and now makes her home in Las Vegas.

I’ll tell you a secret; I’ve visited all of those places. When I describe the meticulously polished chrome-plated fire hydrants in Tokyo, the minarets of Saudi Arabia announcing the call to prayer, or the aromas in the Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant in Las Vegas, I’m speaking from experience.

Of course, an author doesn’t need to visit a location to describe it. I still haven’t been able to find my way to the Fae world, and my closest brush to prison was that job with the government…

I’ll tell you another secret; I’ve been to a lot more places than those shown so far in the series. Whether through blessing or a curse, I’ve been bouncing from country to country for a long time.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Luna in even more exotic locales.

The question isn’t whether Luna is ready for the world, it’s whether the world is ready for Luna.


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