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by | Mar 15, 2021 | Lycan Legacy

Hello Lunatics,

I’m thrilled to announce that the long-awaited next-in-series book of the adventures of Luna White is finally available.

You can now order your copy of Lycan Legacy – Paladin on Amazon. For this release, I have dropped the price to $0.99. I urge all my readers to grab a copy as soon as possible before the price goes back to $4.99 on Monday 22 March.

I know it’s been a long, dry spell between releases. I consider this new book a triumph of hope over adversity.

But hey, 2020 was a crappy year for almost everybody. I’m just glad we all made it through.

I would like to thank those of you who pre-ordered this book. I can’t express how encouraging it is to receive dozens of pre-orders from Luna’s fans.

Looking forward, I have the next book in the series in progress, with a release date tentatively scheduled for late May 2021. That will be Lycan Legacy – Penumbra.

Looking further ahead, I have plotted out another amazing adventure in Luna’s life. That book, tentatively titled Lycan Legacy – Paramnesia will be ready in August or September.

That will make three Luna releases in a single year. Not as many as I hoped (these stories keep piling up in my head), but much better than last year.


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PS – This is the part where I humbly beseech you to leave a review for my book on Amazon. Social proof is incredibly important to a new author. Please take a few minutes to leave a review. Here’s the direct link to Amazon to leave a review.

Lycan Legacy – Prey Review

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