Get Your Free Copy of Lycan Legacy – Prey

by | Dec 29, 2019 | Lycan Legacy

As a reward to my fans, the first book in my werewolf series, Lycan Legacy – Prey, is now available for free!

The book is available through multiple channels. You can choose your favorite from the list below.

Lycan Legacy – Prey – Prolificworks – This link is for the Prolificworks download version. Email opt-in is required.

Lycan Legacy – Prey – Amazon – This is a link to the Amazon version.

Lycan Legacy – Prey – Kobo – This is a link to the Kobo version.

Lycan Legacy – Prey – Google Play – This is a link to the Google Play version.

I'm pushing hard to get more subscribers to my newsletter and more engaged readers before the release of book four in the series.

That book, titled Lycan Legacy – Princess, will be coming out in January, 2020.

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