Do You Want to Hear Luna’s Voice?

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Lycan Legacy, Audiobooks, Writing Life

Ready to discover the magical voice of Luna? Join me on this exciting journey where I reveal how I found the perfect voice for Luna!

Guess what? The first three captivating Lycan Legacy novels are now available as audiobooks! Relive the thrill, as if you're reading the books for the very first time. If you're an audiobook aficionado, you simply can't miss these:

Lycan Legacy – Prey Audiobook

Lycan Legacy – Predator Audiobook

Lycan Legacy – Pack Audiobook

Creating an audiobook is quite an adventure, with crucial decisions at every turn. Royalty share or Per-Finished-Hour (PFH) payment? I went for the PFH rate, which granted me extra flexibility, despite the higher costs.

Next, the quest for the perfect narrator! While searching, I provided an excerpt from the book for a sample reading. I learned from my first audiobook experience to give narrators a chance to showcase their range.

After sifting through the samples on the ACX site, I shortlisted three narrators who captured Luna's voice just as I imagined. They each auditioned, and voilà! I discovered Luna's voice in the talented Tonya Cornelisse. Her tempo, clarity, and intonation were perfect for this project.

We agreed on terms, with a 50% payment upfront and the rest after audio file approval. Then came the real work: reviewing the entire audiobook for any necessary changes. Every audiobook project has issues; sometimes a character’s name is pronounced incorrectly, sometimes a sentence is cut off, sometimes the ACX platform duplicates a chapter. Thanks to Tonya's professionalism, we resolved all issues with ease.

The first audiobook launched in 2019, followed by the second later that year, and the third in 2021. For the third book, the amazing Sandra Burke stepped in and did an outstanding job.

Sales of the audiobooks started slow, partly because I didn't take full advantage of all the promo opportunities. But, no worries! I'm on a mission to boost audiobook sales this year, so get ready for a renewed focus on this fantastic audiobook series!


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