Breathtaking Book Bundles for the Best BER Month!

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Lycan Legacy, Freebies

Hello Lunatics,

Growing up in the Midwest, I fondly recall my third-grade teacher explaining why she affectionately dubbed this time of year “The BRR months.” It wasn’t just the onset of the cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere, but the fact that these months all ended in “BER.” Children, with their innate love for wordplay, found this fascinating. Perhaps such playful moments set me on the path to becoming a writer.

In the spirit of cherished memories and the approaching cool weather, I’ve arranged some freebies that are bound to send a delightful chill down your spine. For a limited time, I’m offering my two most popular bundles as freebies on Amazon.

To our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, with your wonderfully “upside-down” calendar transitioning from winter to summer, consider this a nod to the universal appeal of a great story, no matter the season! And I promise, I have plans to send Luna to your part of the world in a future tale.

Yes, you read that right! Dive into the BRR-illiant world of Luna with free bundles of the first three books in the Lycan Legacy series, available in both English and Italian:

  • Luna’s English Trilogy: Relive the first three tales of Luna’s captivating journey. Grab your copy here.

Luna’s Italian Escapades: For our cherished Italian-speaking Lunatics, delve into Luna’s enchanting world with the first three books, meticulously translated into Italian. Secure your bundle here.

By seizing these bundles, you can own your copies without using up your ten-book allowance under the Amazon KDP program. It’s a win-win for avid readers like you! But remember, these bundles are only available until 12 October 2023. Whether you’re embarking on Luna’s journey for the first time or sharing her adventures with a friend, now is the perfect moment.

Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of Luna’s tales. It’s through your encouragement that I find the inspiration to write. From the depths of my heart, thank you.



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