Bella Luna’s Adventures in Italian

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Lycan Legacy

I’m delighted to announce a new chapter in the Luna series that I hold close to my heart. “Lycan Legacy – Il Paladino,” the sixth book in the series, has now been released in Italian!

It has been an incredible journey to bring this edition to life. Collaborating with a talented new translator, we revised extensively, which I hope will ensure a captivating experience for Italian readers. I also had the privilege of consulting with a remarkable Italian editor, whose expertise in Urban Fantasy enriched the project.

The response has already been heartwarming. Even with limited advertising and only a few days since its release, “Lycan Legacy – Il Paladino” has begun to climb the charts in Italy. I’m genuinely touched by the warm embrace of our Italian fans.

To all my readers, both in English and Italian, I am deeply grateful for your support. Your encouragement means the world to me and keeps me fueled as the series continues to expand in length and complexity. What began as a tale of a runaway werewolf bride has blossomed into a vast realm of fantasy, and it’s all thanks to you. As the journey continues to unfold, I can’t wait to share more of Luna’s adventures with each one of you.  

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