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by | Oct 26, 2021 | Lycan Legacy

Hello Lunatics,

Sometimes, writing the book is the straightforward part. Advertising? Covers? Book descriptions? Getting to minimal competence in each of those areas is required to become a successful author.

Not just as an indie author, authors for the big publishing houses must cultivate the same skill set. So, I’ve been working on each of these items this year. I signed up for Mark Dawson’s ad course, as well as a video tutorial on using Photoshop for covers. For blurbs (also known as the book description), I turned the advice found in Book Blurbs Unleashed by Robert J. Ryan.

Following his advice, I looked at my blurbs. Some were okay, some merely serviceable. I have a habit of publishing and not returning to the blurbs. To shake things up, I decided to re-write my blurbs in first-person. Speaking in Luna’s voice brought fresh ideas to my descriptions.

Here is my latest update to the description for the first book in the series:

Lycan Legacy – Prey

From Fated Mate to Prey in One Day
Life isn’t easy for a runaway werewolf bride.
I was ready to build a family with Raymond, our pack’s alpha. Then I found out how he planned to use me to expand his empire. Female werewolves can produce litters, cute little werewolf puppies that quickly grow to adolescence, then shift to human.
Great way to expand the family, right? I thought it was a great idea. Until I saw what it cost the mother, a gradual fading of humanity and intellect. A price too much to bear.
Sure, I want babies, but strictly through human means.
Now I’m stuck in Tokyo, with no family or friends to help me. Hell, the only other English speaking supernatural here is a damned magician named Mason. He reeks of magic and deceit. And he hates werewolves, calling us wild and savage.
No self-respecting werewolf would be caught dead asking a magician for help.
Then Raymond arrived in Tokyo, intent on salving his wounded pride with my blood.
What the hell, I left my self-respect behind when I abandoned the pack. I’ll hold my nose and talk to Mason, ask for his help. I’ll even beg for his help.
The question is, would a magician even want to help a savage stray?

Not too bad, is it? Let me know what you think. I'm working through the other blurbs this week. Several have already been updated. Go ahead and take a look at the Lycan Legacy series page to see all blurbs at once.

Promo Corner

I recently joined another great promo to bring you the latest offerings from dozens of authors. This promo is Halloween-centric and has a multitude of books for readers of all tastes. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy here. Here's the link:   Trick or Treat – Halloween Reads

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