And the Winners Are…

by | Jun 14, 2020 | Lycan Legacy

Thanks to everyone who took part in my “Name the Twins” contest!

I had so many great entries that it was hard to come up with a winner.

The names for the twins will be a combination from the contest winners and my imagination.

Here are the chosen names:

Celeste Faith Carter

Pietro Ira Carter

I love the symbolism of Stone and Sky; one Cardinal Virtue in Faith, and one Deadly Sin in Ira (Ire).

Thanks to Sylvie D., who suggested Faith; and Carolyn O. for suggesting Celeste.

As promised, the two lucky winners will receive a complimentary copy of Lycan Legacy – Progeny as soon as it becomes available.

In other great news, the manuscript is with my excellent editor, who will turn my inelegant prose into a well-crafted book.

I just received the proof copy of the cover from Carl of Extended Imagery, and it is beautiful. I will do a cover reveal in my next email.

I plan on setting up a pre-order for the book that will be announced at the same time as the cover reveal.

Thanks again to all my readers and fans. I'm blessed to have the best fans in the world!

PS – This is the part where I humbly beseech you to leave a review for my book on Amazon. Social proof is incredibly important to an unknown author. Please take a few minutes to leave a review. Here’s the direct link to Amazon to leave a review.

Lycan Legacy – Prey Review

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