23 Books for 2023? Why the Weird Title?

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Lycan Legacy, Writing Life

23 Books for 2023? Why the weird title? Read on to discover my plan for werewolf domination in 2023.

I just received the results of an author survey given by Written Word Media. They surveyed over 1300 authors and had some interesting results.

Here’s a link to the report from their survey:

The survey splits authors into eight groups, divided by monthly income ranging from $0.00 to $10,000 per month. As a beginner, I am squarely in the bottom half of their groups, much closer to zero income than the highest income group.

One thing stood out while perusing the charts; income goes up in relation to the number of books published. Of course, that makes sense. More books published gives readers more chances to find an author’s work.

What is encouraging is that the number of books needed to jump to the next level in this group isn’t huge. I currently have seven books in the Luna series (number eight is coming soon, I promise!). There are also three Luna books in Italian that I have published, bringing my total to ten books. To jump to the next level of twenty-three books, I would have to publish another thirteen books.

Thirteen more Luna books would be a lot of writing. However, the translations seem to sell well. I have four more Luna books waiting to be translated, which should come out next year. That leaves eleven books to reach twenty-three. Eleven books would be more than I ever published in a year. Or even two years. That’s disheartening.

But wait! What if I also put out the rest of the translations next year? That will get the total number of Luna books up to twenty-four. That assumes my translator can handle that many books in one year. Let’s say he can only do four more books in 2023. That gets us to twenty books total. Not quite there, yet. But the goal is in sight. I might be able to write another werewolf book in the spinoff series that I have planned for next year.

That twenty-third book would be the capstone to my 2023 goals (and explain the weird title).

So, these are my goals for 2023:

  1. Publish four more Luna books in English, bringing the English series total to twelve books. This will allow for a satisfying wrap up to the series and leave some space for future adventures.
  2. Translate the rest of the Luna backlist books into Italian, bringing the series total to eighteen.
  3. Translate the four new Luna releases into Italian, bringing the Luna book total up to twenty-two.
  4. Write the first book in the spinoff series to hit my twenty-three-book goal for 2023.



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